A different storyline emerges in Ravi Dubey and Sargun Mehta's show Udaariyaan

Simmi has come seeking revenge for her brother Kabir, who was once a close friend of Asma during childhood. Asma was falsely accused by Aliya of Kabir’s murder, which resulted in her being exposed. Armaan, driven by the desire for vengeance, involves Simmi, Kabir’s sister, in the plan. Simmi starts investigating and discovers that Armaan has rescued Mehak, who happens to be Simmi’s daughter. Armaan claims Mehak as his own, leading to a dramatic family confrontation. Simmi sets a 24-hour deadline for everyone to confess their secrets. Suspicious of Asma, Simmi investigates further and finds incriminating evidence, including photos of the Gil family with Armaan.

Meanwhile, Asma learns that Simmi has prepared all necessary paperwork regarding Mehak. Later, they all go to the judge’s house where Simmi demands an emergency hearing, claiming someone is trying to separate their daughter from them.

This revelation raises questions about Simmi’s true intentions, leaving everyone stunned.

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