Aadesh Chaudhary: I try to focus on personal and professional life equally

It’s tough but very essential, says actor Aadesh Chaudhary, to give importance to both personal and professional life. He adds that one should not suffer at the expense of the other.

“Some time back I felt I was losing myself and then I started meditating and tried to balance life and profession. I share equal focus on both personal and professional life. If you are free, then people think you are jobless, they don’t value you and when you say you are busy, they feel you are making it up. So I don’t overthink about who thinks what about me,” he says.

In his personal life, he tries to stay away from technology close to his sleeping hours, and right after waking up. “I personally stay away from the screen as soon as I wake up and hours before sleeping. I prefer spending time with my family after dinner sitting and catching up on the whole day and in the early morning, I start with my meditation and workout, further resuming work. People are so hooked to social media apps and in the rat race of gaining followers and engaging to grow more on social media they tend to forget how addicted they have become to phones,” he says.

He adds, “One of the main consequences of this increased access is the constant exposure to information and stimulation. The constant influx of information can lead to information overload and an inability to switch off and find moments of rest and peace. Moreover, the fast-paced nature of the digital world has created a culture of instant gratification. We have become accustomed to immediate responses, quick solutions, and instant access to entertainment and communication. This can result in decreased levels of tolerance and patience when faced with situations that require time, effort, or delayed gratification. The easy solution to this can be taking a break from everything, engaging in mindfulness exercises, meditating and spending more time with friends and family.”

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