Aanya Rawal: It’s a dream come true

Young actor Aanya Rawal is on cloud nine as she has been getting a lot of good feedback for her portrayal of Pinky in the recently released series Maamla Legal Hai. Aanya has got the first call for the role through WhatsApp. Speaking about it she says, “I got a message on WhatsApp from team Anti Casting to audition for Pinky. I sent them my audition from my house the same day. They told me to make some changes in the audition. After I sent them my fourth audition for Pinky, the casting associate told me that the makers really liked my audition and they might finalise me. Later on, he told me that it was only me who was shortlisted for this character. I auditioned for six times in total before being selected. I got an update after 15 days of auditioning that I’d been selected. The Associate Casting Director told me at the screening of Maamla Legal Hai that nearly 50 girls had auditioned for Pinky.”

Throwing more light on her character Pinky, Aanya says, “Pinky is a 17-year- old pregnant girl dressed in a saree and sindoor along with bangles. To begin the scene, Pinky is sitting in a corner. The other characters are talking to each other and nobody’s looking at her. However , she always has to speak in between. She’s a person who would still give her valuable suggestions (according to her value, but in reality, rather weird and humorous). She has lovely and cute one liners on point to make the audience laugh. She is pure by heart, relaxed and carefree. She deeply cares for her friend and uses her full brain to solve the problem. But in reality, all her solutions are useless.”

Pinky is shown with a baby bump which Aanya had to carry artificially on set. She adds, “Shooting with a baby bump was altogether a new experience. This was the first time I had done something like this, I was focusing on my dialogues as well as my props.”

The young actor who hails from Delhi has garnered a lot of positive feedback for her role. She says, “I’ve been getting a lot of appreciation messages since the release. I got a dm on Instagram from the Producer and the writer of Maamla Legal Hai i.e. Saurabh Khanna Sir that the audience liked my character and performance. I also got a dm on instagram from the editor of Maamla Legal hai saying that I am one of the favourite characters of his mother. I got a WhatsApp message from Sukant Goel sir (Cheeru in Kaala Paani on Netflix) that he really liked my performance. He found my performance easy, relaxed and comic. Sukant sir did not have my number, he took it from one of my co actors. I got to meet Sukant Sir at the screening of Maamla Legal Hai.”

Sharing further on her experience with the series she says, “This is a dream come true. To begin with, we had a workshop for 2 days after the audition process with Rahul Pandey Sir ( the director ) and Saurabh Khanna Sir (the writer and the Producer ). Their simplicity, their explanations, the dialogues were extraordinary. Working with Poshampa Pictures ( Sameer Saxena Sir, Amit Golani Sir, Biswapati Sarkar Sir) was great - be it the exceptional storyline, the vision and all – the final show put up together was perfect. The cast was too talented with quite senior actors to learn from. I thoroughly enjoyed shooting for Maamla Legal Hai. I shared most of the screen time with Anant Joshi and Naila Grewal. They were quite sweet to work with.”

Aanya feels there’s a variety of content on ott. She says, “I’m open to take new and challenging roles that enhance my acting capabilities. Rest of the things depend on the character and the script.”

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