Abhira and Armaan come to know that they are still married

In today’s episode, the kids give Abhira hope that everything will be fine, and one day Dadi Sa will allow her to come home. Charu asks Abhira if she wants to come home and if she trusts Armaan now. Armaan arrives and tells the kids to leave while he gives medicine to Abhira, and seeing his care, Abhira feels satisfied. Later, Abhira welcomes Madhav and Vidya to the outhouse with Ghar Pravesh rituals, and Armaan jokingly suggests that this should become Vidya and Madhav’s marriage anniversary date. Chachi Sa tells him to check the date in the calendar, and Armaan realizes it’s the anniversary of Akshara’s death.

While Vidya was taking care of Madhav, Madhav asks Armaan about Abhira, and he says she’s been at the temple since morning, performing a puja for Akshara’s barsi. In the temple, Abhira performs the puja, and Armaan joins her to help feed the underprivileged. Meanwhile, Manish’s car breaks down in front of the temple, and he comes in, remembering that Akshara had called him a year ago, but he couldn’t talk to her until now. He wishes to meet Akshara and her kids, unaware that Akshara has passed away.

After the puja, Abhira talks to Armaan and expresses her gratitude for his support, which has helped her become a lawyer. She reveals her plan to leave now that Vidya and Madhav are together, and she’s achieved her goal. This shocks Armaan, and he questions her decision. Abhira explains that she’s not strong enough to deal with Ruhi’s presence, given their past and her involvement in the current case. Armaan reassures Abhira that he only loves her and has no feelings for Ruhi. However Krish interrupts them and hands over a court paper and Armaan and Abhira gets shocked seeing it as on paper they are still married.

In the precap, Ruhi is seen hitting someone with her car, and Armaan receives a call from Ruhi claiming someone is faking an accident case in her name. Abhira gets a call from a woman stating that Ruhi Poddar was responsible for the accident. This sets the stage for Abhira’s first case, and the question arises: Will Armaan and Abhira find their way out of this challenging situation?

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