Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlaata Hai: Abhira to donate blood to save Madhav

In today’s episode, Dadi Sa tells Armaan that just for that girl, he is hurting his own family. To which Armaan says that if he wanted to hurt his family, he would have shown the CCTV footage in court and gotten Fufa Sa’s license cancelled.

In the temple, Ruhi gets a call from Armaan, and he says that he will leave Poddar firm and, if she wants, he will hand the case to Fufa Sa. However, Ruhi says that she wants Armaan to handle the case. Ruhi bumps into Abhira in the temple, and Abhira says that she doesn’t have time to talk nonsense. Ruhi tells her that love has given her so much, so why can’t she see it? Abhira says that her career matters a lot to her, and Ruhi says that Armaan resigned from the Poddar firm for her. Ruhi tells her to care for Armaan and understand him because he has done a lot for her.

Sanjay calls a press conference and says that the charges against Abhira are wrong. He explains that the staff mistakenly gave money to the judge, which he had sent for Abhira as he was assigning her some cases. He asserts that Abhira is innocent and a great lawyer.

Armaan arrives at the outhouse and tries to explain everything to Abhira, who tells him to calm down and breathe. Armaan gets a call informing him that Madhav has been shot. Krish tells everyone, and they are all shocked in the Poddar house. Armaan and Abhira reach the site and search for Madhav, finding him lying unconscious. Madhav is taken to the hospital and into the operation theatre. Armaan cries on Abhira’s shoulder while the family members reach the hospital. Armaan consoles Vidya while Abhira prays to God. All the men in the family call people to get B negative blood.

Abhira says that her blood is B negative, but the doctors say that her platelet count is very low, so she can’t donate blood. Armaan tells Abhira that she won’t donate, and he gets a call saying that a donor is available and will reach the hospital in an hour.

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