Achieving a growth of 1126% digitally, Sevilla FC’s India journey continues to reach new heights

Entering into an agreement with FC Bengaluru United in early 2021, seven-time Europa League champions Sevilla FC, have witnessed significant success in development & implementation projects that address India’s growing appetite for football through technological innovations. Registering an 1126% digital growth attributed to India, the club has achieved monumental growth through its partnership with FC Bengaluru United. Sevilla’s India success has been down to the implementation of a strategy of internationalization. Seeking to increase its footprint, the club regularly engages with its Indian audience through a mix of content series, match screening, and hackathons; Aimed at building on the ethos of the club ‘Never Surrender’. Sevilla FC’s commitment to India continues to grow in line with the significant progress displayed.

Recently ranked as the 24th most followed club in the world with 20 million followers, the club has been quick to highlight an 1126% growth from India, which has been pivotal in this remark. Collaborating to release the second season of ‘Never Surrender’ Documentary Series in India featuring Indian sportsman Dhiraj Bommadevara – the series sheds light on Sevilla FC’s ambition to inspire its audience through stories of resilience and triumph. The first season launched during the 2022-2023 season accumulated over 8 million views and was broadcast on three Indian television channels.

Driven by a DNA that seeks to utilize the power of technology to foster meaningful and long-term impact, Sevilla FC leverages its technological prowess and youth development expertise to nurture a powerful relationship with India’s footballing community. Focusing on growth, across a spectrum of technical expertise, player development, and fan engagement, the club has witnessed a significant impact in the region.  In this mutually beneficial relationship, Sevilla FC expands and fruitfully executes its internationalization strategy, with FC Bengaluru United extracting world-class influence, superior talent development strategies, and renowned sporting technologies that form the foundation of Sevilla FC’s success in Europe.

Speaking at a virtual interaction, José María del Nido Carrasco, President, Sevilla FC explained other of their biggest project as is the New Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán stadium, “We are building a new stadium where our current stadium stands. Currently, in the first stage of its development, we owe it to our fans to make this more accessible through a digital focus. As far as the club, and business aspects are concerned, this will allow us to generate more revenue year-round. With a stadium of 55,000 seats, our net revenue will increase by 30 - 40 million euros, based on ticketing revenues and marketing events along different lines of business.”

Víctor Orta, Sporting Director, Sevilla FC, added, “With the leadership of our President, we are undergoing a process where we want to be real leaders in talent discovery and technology. In the last 20 years, Sevilla FC has been a club that has made its mark in Europe in the field of recruitment and resource balancing. At Sevilla FC, we utilize a mixed model for talent identification. Through expert analysis from our scouting department and utilizing tech and AI as an alarm system, we continue to identify talent in world football before the rest.”

Also speaking at the conference, Jesús Navas, Sevilla FC Captain added, “Everything that has happened to me in Sevilla FC, has come to me from a young age. From the youth development setup, I managed to play for the first team at a young age, and we won very important titles and continue to still win titles. Sevilla FC has been growing year after year behind continued success. With a few difficult moments, we are pushing to improve daily, to become as good as we possibly can.”

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