Aditya A and Samriddhi Khatri paint emotions with music in their latest single, Tarse Jiya

Embark on a soul-stirring journey where you’ll be transported to a soothing romantic landscape with Tarse Jiya. After releasing viral tracks like Chaand Baliyan and Sunday, Indie sensation Aditya A is back with another track Tarse Jiya, with the mesmerizing vocals of Samriddhi Khatri. This song captures the essence of human emotions and romantic weather, as a gentle breeze brings a sense of calm and nostalgia, creating a vivid picture in the minds of the audience with its emotional depth and lyrical beauty.

Aditya A and Samriddhi Khatri’s serene vocals bring the soulful track to life, and with the poetic lyrics, written by Aditya A, it unfolds like a delicate dance between nature and emotions. Aditya A’s composition and production skillfully craft a serene ballad that mirrors the beauty of rainfall, inviting listeners to find solace in life’s serene rhythms.

Aditya A, the singer, lyricist, music composer and producer of Tarse Jiya, expressed, “‘Tarse Jiya’ is a feeling! It is my attempt to bottle up that feeling of serenity that comes with my favourite season - the rains. This song has this unique ability to adapt to any setting, and with Samriddhi’s vocals, it surely makes the audience feel connected to the music and the surroundings. I hope the listeners find peace and feel the same joy that we have felt while creating it.”

Adding to this, Samriddhi Khatri, the soulful voice behind the song, shared, “Lending my voice to ‘Tarse Jiya’ alongside talented Aditya was an exciting experience. We wanted to create a relatable song that embraces the beauty of nature and the depth of love. This track speaks to the soul and will make you feel as if you’re right there, in the moment, no matter where you are or what you’re feeling. I cannot wait for the listeners to experience ‘Tarse Jiya’.”

Listen to Tarse Jiya here by Aditya and Samriddhi:

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