AJ's Wedding Proposal: What Lies Ahead for Leela?

In the ongoing drama series Navari Mile Hitlerla, viewers are eagerly awaiting the unfolding of events surrounding AJ and Leela’s budding romance. The chemistry between AJ and Leela has been a highlight since the first episode, leaving audiences enthralled. As we gear up for the upcoming episodes, we find Leela disguised as Sita entering AJ’s house, where she is being insulted publicly. When Leela finds out that she is being pursued for marriage, she confesses that she is not interested in marriage and had only come for auditions, leaving everyone stunned.

On the other hand, AJ’s mother takes a liking to Leela. She tells AJ that she sees Antara in her. Lakshmi, however, tries to tarnish Leela’s reputation by printing her photo in the newspaper. AJ goes to Leela’s parents to apologize, proposes marriage to her. Now, as AJ presents his wedding proposal, what lies ahead for Leela? Tune in to Navari Mile Hitlerla every night at 10pm only on Zee Marathi to find out.

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