Akshay Mhatre: At home, everyone says the show will prep me for fatherhood

A popular face of Hindi television, Akshay Mhatre, is all set to shine in the Marathi show Punha Kartavya Aahe. In the show, Akshay brings his charm and talent to the forefront as Akash, a father of two adorable girls. While this marks his comeback in Marathi television, Akshay reveals that his journey as an actor began in the Marathi TV industry.

Expressing his joy at being part of Punha Kartavya Aahe, Akshay shares, “My journey in the Marathi TV industry started 11 years ago. My first show was with Tell-A-Tale Media Productions, and now, ‘Punha Kartavya Aahe’ is a project by the same production house. They gave me my first break when I had just finished college and stepped into the industry. Now, after so many years, we are coming together again for this show.”

For Akshay, returning to Marathi television holds sentimental value. He explains, “I am glad that the opportunity came my way. When I was preparing for my wedding, I received a call from the production team. They narrated the story to me, and everything fell into place. I feel fortunate to be part of such projects where I can contribute differently. While I haven’t become a father in real life yet, portraying the role of a father to two young girls is an exciting challenge for me.”

Acknowledging the significance of his character, Akshay reflects, “I always wondered if my role would be impactful. But when I realized that I am portraying a positive father figure, I was more than willing to take it up. I have always been part of projects that offer something unique, and this role is no exception. Although I haven’t become a father in real life yet, the thought of being one is exhilarating for me. It requires a lot of patience, but it’s fun to work on.”

In Punha Kartavya Aahe, Akshay’s character Akash epitomizes the joys and challenges of fatherhood. He finds joy in his daughters’ company, mirroring Akshay’s own fondness for children in real life. He shares, “I enjoy spending time with my friends’ kids. They love me because I engage with them wholeheartedly. But when it comes to shooting, I have to focus because work must be done. However, my family is excited about my role in the show. My wife Shrenu was thrilled when she found out that I am portraying a father’s role. She said it’s a great opportunity for me. Your training to be a father will be beneficial because you already have a good understanding of it.”

Tune in to witness the journey of Akash and his daughters, starting March 18, every night at 9.3pm only on Zee Marathi.

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