Anjali Phougat: It’s all about multitasking, slotting time in advance

For fashion designer Anjali Phougat, life right now might be out of suitcases; but she makes sure to take out time for the things that matter. A mom to a beautiful daughter, Anjali says that she makes sure to set time apart for family, and manage her work trips as well.

“Time management is a key because I travel a lot for my shows, my garment production, for pre-production, meeting my team. I have teams from all over the USA. And when we have team meetings, after parties, discussions, some of the work we can do by Zoom calls, but mostly a lot of travel is essential. I travel seven or eight times a month, and I make sure to manage this time well. But also, I have a huge team. It’s definitely not a one man show. My manager, he’s very good at planning things out. We plan things ahead and we block our calendar,” she says.

As for this year, she is fully loaded, says Anjali. “This year started with a boom and it’s all-packed already! I have my time slotted for the coming couple of months. So, like this, we plan our time and block our calendars in advance, we schedule things. I journal a lot and we do not commit to the things that our time does not permit.”

However, being there for her daughter is her top priority, she says, adding, “I’m a mom as well, and a lot of time is spent with my daughter. She’s very active in academics and extracurricular activities, such as dancing. She does a lot of stage dancing and performances. And I make sure to be there for her performances and to take her for her classes, extracurricular activities. But I have a wonderful support system at home as well.”

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