Anjali Phougat’s all set for shows in Paris and Ohio

While her work involves her to travel extensively, fashion designer Anjali Phougat says that she enjoys every bit of her job. The next few days will see her showcasing her outfit and jewellery lines at Paris and Ohio, and she is eagerly waiting for the same.

“I have a Paris fashion show coming on March 3. And on March 3, we also have a fashion show with Ohio State University Unchained, which is a fundraiser event for the college education of domestic violence victims. I have designed a particular segment here, and I’ll be dressing all the models in my jewellery as well. So, for now, we have one show in Ohio with the OSU unchained, and the second one is in Paris,” she says.

Ask her how each fashion show is different from one other, and she says, “Each fashion show is theme-based, and every theme has a different narration, different story. For example, for OSU, we have come up with three different segments, where we showcase the domestic violence victims’ journeys from innocence to restoration, to the final recovery phase. As for Paris, we cannot disclose the theme at the moment.”

She adds, “But recently, I just came back from New York after a very successful show in New York Fashion Week, where we had a theme called Ascension. I tried to portray the dark night of a soul. So, similarly, that will be the next chapter in Paris, and we have a particular theme story, and the whole show will portray the same story.”

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