Ansh Bagri: People should not blindly follow social media videos related to health and fitness

Ansh Bagri, who is currently seen in Baghin, is disappointed to see a surge in health and fitness videos on the internet. He feels it is a very sensitive matter, because every person is different and there are a lot of risks involved.

Speaking in reference to the doctor’s cautionary message asking people not to follow any medical advice given by random influencers on social media, after Zerodha CEO Nithin Kamath’s post about his mild stroke, he said, “They go to the gym for four days and start giving tips about health and everything. But it’s actually very sad and sensitive when it comes to fitness, workouts, and diet. Everything is different according to your body. You can inspire people to workout, and that’s it, but you can’t tell people what to eat and what not to eat.”

“I feel a certified dietician or certified doctor can give you a proper diet and workout. I am completely against such people and influencers because nowadays every second person is an influencer. I don’t think people know the actual meaning of an influencer. Influencers are those who can influence people for good, and for that, you yourself should have some experience. I can be a digital person who makes a lot of videos, I can entertain people, but I can’t be an influencer. The word influencer has a deep meaning, and people should know about it,” he added.

Ansh further elaborated that people and influencers post videos related to health and fitness just to gain more views and likes, however, the audience should not be following them blindly. “It is very sad that you are giving out wrong information to people about things you have no knowledge about. So I think people should not blindly follow Instagram and YouTube videos related to health and fitness. Always double check the information because for some people, it’s just money and entertainment,” he said.

He mentioned that even if he sees a video related to health and fitness, he first looks into the person and whether they are certified or not. He added, “If they are, then I do listen to it and see that whatever they are saying is working for my body or not because everyone has a different body type. I always double check with professionals, and then I follow.”

Ansh concluded that influencer is a very positive word and should only be used for people who are doing good. “Bhagat Singh was an influencer, PM Modi is an influencer who influences people for good. So for me, they are the real influencers.”

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