Anuj Arora: I had come to be known as the ‘Mouth Organ Guy'

Anuj Arora, who will soon be seen in Koi Jaaye Toh Le Aaye, always had a keen interest in music and was blessed with a great sense of rhythm and intonation. Speaking on the occasion of World Music Day, which is observed on June 21, he shared that growing up in school, he got the opportunity to learn harmonium and was quite fascinated by it. Thereafter, he saw a mouth organ being played in a movie, and since that day, he has been glued to this instrument.

“I earnestly looked out for someone who could teach it to me, but in vain. Then, fortunately, I found a very beautiful and pricy mouth organ at my uncle’s place, which was made in Japan. I instantly fell in love with it, and my uncle was also gracious enough to hand it out to me for practice. That is when I started playing it extensively. The seven notes of Sa Re Ga Ma came naturally to me. I experimented day and night on that apparatus. Hai Apna Dil toh Awaara was my favorite piece that I played back then, and it made me quite famous amongst my peers and sports groups with whom I traveled for table tennis tournaments all over India,” he said.

“I had come to be known as the ‘Mouth Organ guy’ in all those travels and played this piece for everyone every time I was asked. A lot of appreciation and inspiration came my way then. So now that I am here, posting so many of my works online, I realized that on this occasion of World Music Day, I should absolutely post something about this song, which was the first ever song that I performed. The song that I connect to. A song that has also taught me a lot about life in general,” he added. 

He said music is his everyday inspiration, and it plays a big role in his life. “I have been into music since I was in my mother’s womb. My mother used to listen to a lot of old classics at that time, and I happen to love those golden numbers,” he said.

“It resides so much in me that even in sleep, my fingers are drumming. The beats and rhythms don’t leave me. I am all consumed by music, so much so that whenever I am not in a nice mood or troubled or confused, I listen to my favorite songs, and that does the magic. Instantly. So music is my life,” he added.

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