Anuj Kohli: Ambition and goal-setting are crucial

Anuj Kohli, who plays Saransh in Ravindra Gautam and Raghuvir Shekhawat’s Dahej Daasi, which is produced under their banner, Do Dooni 4 Films, says ambition and setting goals are quite important to achieving success. He said, “Ambition and goal-setting are crucial. We leave behind familiar places and comforts, driven by a desire to achieve something meaningful.”

“Ambition fuels our progress, providing the motivation needed to excel. It’s that inner drive that propels us forward, helping us overcome challenges and reach new heights,” he added.

Talking about opportunities, he said that in today’s fast-paced world, opportunities can come from any direction. He added, “It’s important to be discerning, choosing projects that align with my interests and values. I believe that when I’m passionate about my work, my performance is enhanced. While circumstances were different in the past, the explosion of social media and the entertainment industry has made it even more crucial to be selective and focus on quality.”

But what if there are multiple opportunities at the same time? “This happens quite often, but commitment is key. Once I’ve committed to a project, I honor that commitment, regardless of other opportunities that may arise. Even if a more lucrative option comes along, I believe in maintaining ethics and integrity. In the long run, staying true to your commitments and values is what sustains a successful and respectable career,” he said.

Looking back at his career, Anuj said that he looks at it as a dynamic tapestry woven with diverse experiences and growth. He added, “Each step has been a learning opportunity, shaping my skills and broadening my horizons. It’s been a fulfilling and enlightening path, and I look forward to what lies ahead with optimism and determination.”

He also stressed that an actor’s performance also depends on the environment on the set. “The atmosphere on set and the harmony among actors significantly impact performance. When there’s a positive bond between actors, it translates into more authentic and powerful performances. It’s not just about the actors, though—hundreds of people work tirelessly behind the scenes. A positive set environment benefits everyone involved, fostering creativity and collaboration.”

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