Aparna Dixit: It’s a deep and mature tale about how trauma and destiny intertwine

Aparna Dixit, who plays the role of Tulsi in Tulsi Hamari Badi Sayani on Dangal TV, says that she was on the lookout for a mature love story such as this one. She adds that the show will also see her playing a rather different role for the first time.

“I am playing a mother on screen for the first time. It’s a proper show that starts with me playing a mother from the beginning. I made this decision because the story is optimistic and compelling. I told myself that I was going to do it because it offered a different flavour. Up until now, most of the shows I’ve been part of were love stories. This one is also a love story, but it’s a very deep and mature tale about how trauma and destiny intertwine,” she says.

She adds, “In moments of trauma, partners often give up, but this story beautifully portrays how a husband continues to support his traumatized wife. He stands by her, helps her heal, and reunites her with their daughter. It’s a story about a husband who, despite his struggles, supports his wife through her darkest times.”

Ask her what challenges she faces while portraying the character, and she says, “I have wanted to do something different for a while, and this mature story is exactly that. It delves into the complex emotions and the mother-daughter relationship. I think people are going to love it because it is both emotional and sensitive. The bond between a mother and her child, especially when it’s strained by trauma, is highly sensitive and touching. As an emotional person, playing this character brings me great joy. I’m very, very happy about this role. Of course, like I said, I’ve never really played a proper mother role on TV before. I’ve mostly done love stories, and that’s something I have repeatedly done. But this is a very new and challenging phase for me, showing this beautiful relationship between a mother and daughter.”

She adds, “I share a beautiful relationship with my mom, which has been very helpful. Growing up, observing my journey with my mom, and seeing her relationship with my brother, I feel that these small, sensitive experiences will help me bring authenticity to this role.”

Meanwhile, she is sure that the show would be well-loved. “We have a great team, and everyone is dedicated to creating a beautiful show and a beautiful story. I think this emotional story will stand out and connect with the audience. As an actor, I already feel very emotionally connected to the character, and I’m excited to bring that to the screen,” she says.

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