Apoorva Arora Gears Up for Lipstick, her project on Mental Health

Apoorva Arora, known for her versatile roles across multiple film industries, is all set to captivate audiences with her upcoming project, Lipstick. It delves into the profound theme of mental health, particularly focuses on issues arising from unresolved past trauma and their significant impact on daily life.

In Lipstick, Apoorva portrays Diksha, a character she found deeply relatable due to a personal connection. “I based Diksha on a friend of mine,” Apoorva shared. “That accelerated the process of getting into the skin of the character, especially since we had very little time between the workshop and the shoot.”

The storyline of Lipstick addresses the often overlooked yet critical aspect of mental health, shedding light on how unresolved traumas from the past can manifest in various ways, affecting one’s present. Diksha, the central character, has endured a challenging life but has managed to find her balance and resolve her issues before they could escalate into something more serious.

“Lipstick talks about mental health, particularly issues stemming from unresolved trauma in the past and how much impact they have on our daily lives, whether we realize it or not,” Apoorva explained.

“Diksha is someone who has lived a tough life but managed to center herself and resolve things before they manifested into something serious. If I talk more about the character, I’ll end up revealing the plot,” she said.

With her nuanced performance and the film’s compelling narrative, Apoorva Arora is set to make a significant impact on audiences, encouraging a much-needed conversation around mental health. Lipstick promises to be a thought-provoking and emotionally resonant film that will leave a lasting impression.

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