Armaan's Mission, Vidya's Vow: Rekindling Love Amidst Family Strife

In today’s episode of Rajan Shahi’s Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Madhav repairs the broken table. Abhira suggests they move elsewhere, but he refuses, finding peace in the house that belonged to Shivani, Armaan’s mother. Vidya stops Kaveri from applying sindoor during the ritual, insisting she wants her husband back. The guests overhear and react, but Krish redirects them to the food counter. Dadi tells Vidya she can’t help if Madhav doesn’t return on his own. Vidya pleads with Dadi to bring Madhav back, but Kaveri ignores the topic.

Vidya vows to have Madhav apply sindoor to her. Abhira tells Madhav that Armaan doesn’t know about Shivani. Madhav fears Armaan might feel betrayed by Vidya. Abhira urges him to prioritize Vidya and move on from the past. Manisha and Manoj ask Kaveri to talk to Madhav. Kaveri blames Abhira for the family’s troubles. Armaan accuses Kaveri of not trying to bring Madhav home and declares he will bring Madhav back. Meanwhile, Ruhi surprises the Goenkas with Saawan Milni arrangements, insisting the family is enough for her.

Armaan visits Madhav at Shivani’s house and lectures him about forcing Abhira to forgive him. Armaan blames Madhav for ruining his relationship with Vidya. Madhav fears Abhira might leave if he doesn’t support her and refuses to leave her alone. Armaan reminds Madhav of his duties to Vidya and hands him a sindoor box. Armaan finds Abhira and is disheartened to see the swing removed. He leaves.

Abhira packs Madhav’s bag, urging him to go back home. Madhav refuses, saying Abhira is his family. She insists Vidya is waiting for his love. Madhav refuses to leave her alone. Vidya, meanwhile, refuses to leave her room until Madhav returns. The Goenkas celebrate the festival, pampering Ruhi. Madhav makes kachoris for Abhira, who praises them, though he dislikes the taste. Charu calls Abhira, showing a sobbing Vidya, making Madhav sad. Kaveri answers the guests, who refuse to wait for Madhav and Vidya. Armaan returns home, revealing Madhav’s refusal to come back. Vidya is upset. Later, Kaveri belittles Abhira, who challenges Kaveri, promising to prove her wrong.

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