Arpita Ranka: I believe in finding happiness by appreciating what I already have

Arpit Ranka, who was seen in Mahabharat as Duryodhana and Radha Krishna as Kans, will soon be seen in the pan-India movie Kannappa, feels happiness is celebrating and embracing the present instead of worrying about the future. 

He said, “Happiness, according to me, is never constant in life; rather, it’s something we must actively seek. Sometimes, no matter what work it is, even if you are not satisfied with it, we have to actively look for moments of joy.” 

“Throughout my career, starting from my recognition in Mahabharat to various TV shows and now entering films, I always aimed to make a mark in Bombay. Becoming Mr. India was a moment of immense happiness for me. Even after achieving such milestones, true contentment often seemed elusive. Many people are never content while chasing future goals, not realizing that what we have accomplished is a dream for many. Personally, I believe in finding happiness by appreciating what I already have. It’s about understanding that others may not even have what we take for granted. For me, happiness lies in recognizing the blessings I’ve received from God—family, opportunities, and work—and finding joy in them,” he added.

Speaking with reference to his work, Arpit shared that while big roles do bring him immense joy, sometimes small roles too can do the same. 

He said, “Happiness indeed varies with time and the personal significance we attach to situations in our lives. I believe that the true value of something surprises us; when it exceeds our expectations, it brings immense happiness. Sometimes even small achievements or minor roles can bring us joy, while other times, landing a major project like my recent role in Kannappa can be incredibly fulfilling. I’ve experienced firsthand that even in smaller roles, if the work is meaningful, it can bring immense satisfaction.”

He also believes that peace and satisfaction are crucial in our lives, especially for actors whose careers can be unpredictable. He further said, “We might work continuously for months or years, followed by periods of inactivity. Without finding satisfaction and happiness in these times, our minds can become restless.”

“Many people today face depression and anxiety because an idle mind often leads to negative thoughts. Peace and satisfaction must come from within ourselves, not from external circumstances. It’s essential to nurture these qualities to maintain mental well-being, both personally and professionally,” he added.

And Arpit agrees that people often mistake success for happiness. He said, “In my opinion, it’s important to remain grounded and true to oneself, regardless of success or challenges. This perspective is crucial in an actor’s life, where highs and lows are frequent.” 

“Maintaining mental health and stability is essential, regardless of the amount of work one receives. It’s about being content with achievements and recognizing worth, whether you have work or not. Mental resilience is important for navigating both personal and professional life successfully,” he added.

Sharing moments of happiness from his personal and professional life, he said, “Personally, the birth of my son brought me immense joy. Professionally, landing a significant role in the film Kannappa was a moment of great fortune and happiness for me. I’ve often shared that on the last day of shooting, I felt incredibly grateful for the opportunity to play such a meaningful character. These moments have been pivotal in bringing happiness and fulfillment into my life.”

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