Artiste Dot. mixes contrasting sounds of jazz & pop in her New Single ‘Bus Station Poetry’

Artist, singer-songwriter and actor Dot. is a multi-talented artiste that everyone is talking about today. A rage in the indie music scene, Dot. is releasing her new single Bus Station Poetry that mixes contrasting sounds of jazz and pop seamlessly!

Dot. aka Aditi Saigal says, “‘Bus Station Poetry’ is a slow burning jazz track featuring Chirag Todi on guitar. The song is sort of a letter to myself, about a particular romantic interest in my life at the time. It’s kind of an abstract song, meaning everything and nothing. It talks about the practice of loving for loving’s sake, but also innocence and sweetness. The lyrics are intentionally vague, as I wanted the listener’s own memories and experiences to fill in the gaps. For me, ‘Bus Station Poetry’ is about what all my songs are about - the slanting of light, the resistance of paper, the settling of dust. This is my second song collaboration with Chirag Todi. We initially connected online after the pandemic and began working remotely on our first single, ‘Spiced Lemonade’. For ‘Bus Station Poetry’, we had the opportunity to work together in person. From writing and recording to shooting, the entire experience was incredibly fun and rewarding.”

Dot., who is constantly on top of the indie charts with her music, has always wanted to chart her own artistic journey from the essential idea of stylistic truth; she has always made exactly the kind of art that she wants to in the moment.

Her previous single ‘Girls Night’ was an exploration of modern pop music which came right on the heels of her multi-faceted and highly celebrated role in ‘The Archies’ as well as the release of songs from her youth on Youtube, the album ‘Practice Rooms’. Her new single ‘Bus Station Poetry’, is yet another new direction.

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