Arun Mandola: This time, Shri Ram ji called me to Ayodhya for his poojan

Actor Arun Mandola, who is known for his portrayal of Laxmana on television, shares his experience on a recent visit to Ayodhya. He says, “My purpose to go to Ayodhya was for a special Ram poojan. This is the first time I officially went there after the temple was inaugurated. In 2019 I went to Ayodhya when Uttar Pradesh Chief minister Shri Yogi Adityanath ji was there. UP Tourism had called me for a big Diwali event but that was a commercial visit. This time Shri Ram ji called me for his poojan. Surely I am lucky that god Ram has chosen me. Shri Ram gave me the opportunity to be a part of Ramayana TV shows many times and with his blessing I got world wide fame from my first Sony TV show Sankat Mochan Mahabali Hanuman.

Arun also adds, “After a 500-year fight we Sanatanis got justice in Shri Ram’s bhoomi in his own birth place. I must say I am extremely lucky that I saw this incredible event with my eyes. I don’t know how many births I took in my past to get this golden opportunity but I am lucky to get the opportunity to go twice in the last 5years. Again and again Shri Ram ji is calling me. I feel very special and very few people will understand this feeling and only spiritual people can.”

For the special prayer part Arun adds, “I just said thank you to Shri Ram Bhagwan that we all Indians can see his temple. It’s amazing that a person born in Treta Yuga is still present here through his aura and divinity. Only the supreme god has that potential. The person who made Shri Ram statue his name is Arun Yogiraj. A person who is still carrying Shri Ram’s aura and his name is Arun Govil and an ordinary boy from middle class family Arun Mandola become famous worldwide from Ramayana. I see this as a miracle and I am thankful to  purushottam Bhagwan shri Ramchandra.”

After Ayodhya temple came up the place became the next tourist destination on this Arun shares, “I am sure Ayodhya will be the next tourist spot in the world. It’s just a teaser for the world. When I visited Ayodhya I found very few hotels and the city was not developed but now work is in progress and I think the next 10 years will be golden years for the whole of Uttar pradesh. They are not tolerating crime and focusing on Uttar Pradesh development.” 

He adds, “I went to Ayodhya for 3 days. Day 1- I was at Saryu ghat. I was imagining Shri Ram used to sit in Saryu ghat with his brothers and mata Sita. It was so peaceful and pure. I saw Shri Ram’s idol and I never saw anything that charming and attractive. The royalty of that statue was amazing. I love the beautiful lighting programme in Saryu ghat and the best thing was 6pm Aarti in Saryu nadi. Everywhere in Ayodhya small small stage programmes are happening and that is making Ayodhya more attractive. Second day I went to Hanuman Gari for Hanuman Darshan. As Local people say Hanuman ji stays 24/7 in  Hanuman Garhi. If you are going to Ram darshan then you have to go to Hanuman Garhi. On the third day I went to Bharat Kund. Bharat kund is also a major part of Ayodhya. The inspiring thing about Ayodhya is Shri Ram and his dedication towards society. He taught us how to be a good son, brother, leader, father and god. I have also visited places like Kanak Bhawan, Dashrath Mahal.”

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