Arushi Nishank: It presents both opportunities and challenges

Actor-producer Arushi Nishank, who has been part of music videos like Teri Galliyon Se, Wafa Na Raas Aayee, and is producing a web series titled Life Hill Gayi, feels the entourage culture that exists in Bollywood is an opportunity as well as a challenge. Speaking in reference to Anurag Kashyap’s recent interview, where he opened up about the entourage culture that exists in the industry, and said that actors come with their own team of 7-8 people, and they are allowed to do it because he or she is the actor of the film, she says it’s important to be respectful to others when going with a team.

She said, “The entourage culture in the industry presents both opportunities and challenges. It has definitely grown a lot. Personally, I think there’s a balance to be found. It’s understandable that some actors need support from their team, but it’s important to keep things respectful.”

“Being a producer myself, I totally understand the stress the production goes through when the actors demand a certain entourage, which doesn’t even fit the budgets of the shoot. Whereas, a smaller, more focused team can often be more effective and keep the set atmosphere positive and professional. Everyone should feel comfortable and able to do their best work without feeling crowded or overwhelmed,” she added.

Sharing her thoughts on the actor’s team making social media posts and reels, she believes that though she knows the importance of being connected to her fans, she feels sharing too much steals away the authenticity.

“Social media is like a double-edged sword, bringing both connection and distraction. The constant reel-making and documentation can indeed blur the lines between reality and performance. While I understand the importance of staying connected with fans and maintaining a social media presence, it can take away from the authenticity of the moment,” she said.

As an actor, she prefers to keep her entourage small and focused. She said, “Usually, I bring just one or two people with me on set: my assistant and sometimes my personal stylist or makeup artist. This helps me stay organized and ready while keeping the atmosphere calm and professional. I find that a smaller team allows me to concentrate better and connect more effectively with my fellow actors and the crew.”

Arushi also agrees that the atmosphere on a set can indeed be affected by the number of people present, and this can sometimes lead to tension or discomfort among the cast and crew. She said, “While teamwork is essential, too many people can overwhelm actors, disrupting their focus. Though I feel fortunate that the actors on the set for our upcoming Hotstar web series were very cooperative and always chose to listen to our problems as well. Personally, I prefer a smaller, more focused team because it helps maintain a calm and professional environment.”

“It’s important to respect each other’s space and create a comfortable setting where everyone can do their best work. Balancing support with a respectful and peaceful environment is key.”

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