Ashu and Shiva celebrate Holi

Ashu and Shiva, the beloved characters from Zee Marathi’s Shiva serial, brought joy and color to their Holi celebrations this year. As the festival of colors approached, fans eagerly awaited to see how their favorite duo would mark the occasion.

The Holi festivities in the serial were nothing short of spectacular, filled with vibrant colors, joyous laughter, and heartwarming moments. Ashu and Shiva, played by talented actors Shalvi and Purva, infused the screen with their infectious energy and camaraderie, making every scene a delight to watch.

From playful moments of applying gulal on each other’s faces to dancing joyfully to traditional Holi songs, Ashu and Shiva’s celebration captured the essence of the festival. Their on-screen chemistry and friendship added an extra layer of charm to the festivities, leaving viewers smiling from ear to ear.

As the colors flew and the music played, Ashu and Shiva epitomized the spirit of Holi, spreading love and happiness wherever they went. Their memorable Holi celebration in the serial served as a reminder of the importance of togetherness and the joy of celebrating traditions with loved ones.

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