At The Forefront Of Maldives’ Culinary Renaissance

In defiance of the prevailing stereotype that the Maldives exclusively caters to honeymooners and those seeking romantic escapades, the destination has undergone a transformation to appeal to a diverse array of travellers, spanning luxury seekers, adventure enthusiasts, and culture aficionados alike. With its breathtaking vistas, warm welcome, and dynamic culinary scene, the Maldives now stands as an enticing destination for those in search of distinctive experiences.

The Ozen Collection, a renowned luxury hospitality brand in the Maldives, is at the forefront of this culinary revolution, offering unmatched gastronomic adventures tailored to varied tastes and preferences. From opulent champagne breakfasts to the renowned underwater marvels of M6m, The Ozen Collection promises a culinary journey like no other.

At Ozen Life Maadhoo, guests  wake up to lavish Champagne Breakfasts overlooking the azure ocean and indulge  in an array of global cuisines, from Authentic Chinese to Heritage Indian and Sri Lankan delicacies. The exclusive INDULGENCE™ Plan ensures a escape, enveloping visitors in the delights of island living with a comprehensive all-encompassing experience.

At the pinnacle of Ozen Life Maadhoo’s gastronomic repertoire lies M6m, an extraordinary underwater fine dining restaurant, charming guests with its sublime seafood offerings and captivating underwater vistas. Meanwhile, at Lonu Maldivian cuisine is reimagined and presented with a ‘New Age’ twist in delightful eco-conscious clayware in a charming oceanside setting. Lonu in Dhivehi means salt and on showcase is a selection of handmade flavoured salts and every dish comes with a story that immerses travellers in the nation’s rich culinary heritage.

Over at OZEN RESERVE BOLIFUSHI, guests are treated to a symphony of culinary wonders against the backdrop of the Indian Ocean, with personalized dining experiences and a selection of specialty restaurants and bars to elevate their stay to new heights of luxury.

Catering to discerning palates, ORIGINƎ promises a culinary journey that engages all the senses, with each dish a refined masterpiece complemented by carefully selected wines sourced from renowned vineyards worldwide. Meanwhile, Saffron pays homage to the illustrious tradition of Indian gastronomy, offering a variety of culturally inspired dishes from India showcasing diverse dining experience.

From regular champagne and wine trips to recent annoucment of ‘Master of Sushi’ with world renowned Japanese Chef Satoshi Tsuru, the brand invites experts from around world extending its hospitality experiences. 

As the Maldives continue to emerge as a premier luxury travel destination, THE OZEN COLLECTION stands as a beacon of the country’s rich hospitality and culinary heritage, offering discerning travellers an unparalleled fusion of local flavours and international flair

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