Augnito and Cloud Solutions Partner to Deliver AI-powered  Healthcare in The Kingdom

Renowned Medical Voice AI innovators, Augnito, made a momentous announcement during the prestigious LEAP 2024 technology conference. The company has established a pioneering  partnership with Cloud Solutions, an industry-leader in digital transformation in the Middle East.  This collaboration holds immense potential to revolutionize the healthcare  landscape by significantly improving the efficiency, accuracy, and accessibility of healthcare services for patients and providers alike.

“At Cloud Solutions, we have always prioritized both innovation and collaboration. We actively  seek out global solutions that not only leverage the latest technology but are also integrative and  supportive of evolving organizational goals. Augnito is a company that fits our criteria perfectly.  They have showcased an unrivalled commitment to customer success and collaboration, as well  as a rapid pace of innovation in the past three years. We look forward to working with them,” said Abdulelah AlMayman, CEO of Cloud Solutions.

Elaborating on the long-term vision for this  collaboration, he added “Both entities envision an impact far beyond individual healthcare  providers – we see a future in which there is a fully interoperable regional electronic health record  (EHR) system in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This partnership is a crucial stepping-stone towards  this goal.”

The digital transformation partner was highly impressed by Augnito’s cutting-edge Ambient Clinical  Intelligence technology, recognizing the remarkable benefits of integrating it with their flagship VIDA Hospital Information System (HIS). Ambient Clinical Intelligence employs Far Field Speech  Recognition, Multi-lingual Speech Recognition (including Arabic) and Speaker Diarization, as well  as Generative AI technology to enhance and optimize the capturing and structuring of Electronic  Health Record (EHR) data.

Augnito’s track record showcases how Clinical Voice AI softwares are already automating and  streamlining administrative tasks to enable faster turnaround times (saving over 3 hours per day for  doctors). Their products also ensure accuracy, smoother workflows, improved productivity, and  resource optimization. In fact, Augnito’s recent integration with one of the largest hospital chains in  Asia highlighted a staggering 21x return on investment – achieved in just 6 months.  

Speaking on the state of the industry and partnering with Cloud Solutions, Rustom Lawyer, Co Founder & CEO of Augnito said, “In today’s demanding healthcare landscape, clinicians need  solutions that simultaneously free up their time and augment their capabilities. They need to be  empowered – and that is precisely what we aim to do via this partnership. We are delighted to now  be working directly with the largest healthcare provider in the Gulf Corporation Council (GCC), and  we thank the team at Cloud Solutions for their faith and support in our technology. We look forward  to comprehensively enhancing healthcare in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with the most intuitive AI  solutions in the world.”  

Augnito is a supporter of The Kingdom’s Vision 2030 roadmap and hopes to create significant and  ongoing impact in the Middle East. They have also partnered with Prime Hospitals, RAK Hospitals,  King’s College Hospital London (Dubai), and ATTIEH Medico in the region.

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