Ayush Gupta: Numbers play an important role in our lives, they cannot be changed

Numbers are constant, they tell us so much about us, says Ayush Gupta, tarot card reader, numerologist  and reiki healer. He says that these numbers reveal so much about our personalities, as well as our past and future life.

“Numbers play an important role in an individual’s life because they are a constant aspect that we cannot change, particularly our date of birth. The date of birth remains fixed and is deeply connected to our lives. Within this date, there are hidden numbers known as your root number and destiny number. These numbers can reveal a lot about your personality, nature, and energies for the past, present, and future,” he says.

He adds, “The specific date and time you were born determine the positions of the planets and the energies you received from them. Each number is associated with a planet. For example, number 1 is linked to the Sun, and number 2 to the Moon. Similarly, number 8 is associated with Saturn (Shani). Each planet has its corresponding number.”

Talking about root number, he says, “Your root number is derived from your birth date. For instance, if you were born on the 25th, you add the digits together: 2 + 5 = 7, making 7 your root number. The destiny number is calculated from your entire birth date. If you were born on 25/07/2004, you add all the digits together: 2 + 5 + 0 + 7 + 2 + 0 + 0 + 4 = 20, and then 2 + 0 = 2, making 2 your destiny number.”

He adds, “These root and destiny numbers have specific favourable, neutral, and enemy numbers. When naming a child or during astrological consultations, numerologists and astrologers consider these numbers. They suggest names based on the favourable root numbers and planetary energies. Each letter in a name has a numerical value, and by synchronizing these values with the individual’s root and destiny numbers, they aim to balance and align the person’s energies for a better life.”

With so many people resorting to changing the spellings of their names, Ayush says that this is also connected to their root numbers. “Each number is associated with a planet, and each letter has a corresponding number. If a person’s root number and destiny number align with the numbers derived from their name, they receive energies more effectively because they are synchronized with the same frequency. This alignment helps fill any internal energy gaps, allowing the person to better receive and resonate with these energies.”

He adds, “This synchronization has a major impact. For example, if the movement of the Moon can cause floods and tsunamis on Earth, which is 70% water, it can also affect the human body, which is 60%-70% water. Therefore, the movements and energies of the planets bring about substantial changes in an individual’s life.”

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