Ayush Gupta reveals why we need spiritual coaches in life

Have you tried to drive without learning how to drive? No, right. This is why spiritual healer Ayush Gupta says that having some guidance and mentorship is important in life. Ayush, who excels in tarot card reading, numerology and Reiki, says that life coaches help guide people on the right path.

“If we talk about why we need more spiritual leaders in India, see, spiritual leaders in an individual’s life are very much important. Leaders, gurus, mentors, guides bring about positive vibrations in our lives. These vibrations help you get to what you want to do in life,” he says.

He adds, “If you want to learn swimming and when you go to the swimming pool for the first time, you won’t have that confidence and you’ll be scared. You need to learn how to swim and for that you’ll need a coach. The same is true for life as well. We are talking about knowing yourself, exploring yourself, understanding the depth of the surroundings around you. If you don’t have any guru or a spiritual leader, you’ll take a lot of time to self analyse and learn. Some mentorship is important in life.”

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