Ayush Gupta to make spiritual videos inspired from Bollywood films

Indian absolutely love Bollywood films, and there is no better medium to spread a message, says Ayush Gupta, who is a spiritual leader - Reiki healer, numerologist and tarot card reader. Ayush would be making spiritual videos on Bollywood films, talking about what we can imbibe from the storyline. These videos would be posted on Instagram 

“In today’s world, the quality of a movie, its story, and the actors’ performances are often discussed. People share both positive and negative opinions about films. Regardless of a movie being good or bad, its story teaching us something is what came to my mind. Movies influence us in various ways, shaping our hairstyles and ideologies. So, I thought about exploring what positive lessons we can learn spiritually from certain films, providing a new and optimistic perspective on life,” he says.

Talking about the films that he has already made videos on, he says, “We’ve already made videos for iconic movies like Munna Bhai MBBS, 12th Fail, and Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, and we’re currently working on more upcoming films. The idea is not just about entertainment but to explore what lessons people can learn from these movies. We want viewers to watch with a mindset of discovering valuable insights that can help in their lives. It’s not just about the broader entertainment aspect; films can sometimes offer meaningful takeaways. We aim to cover not only current releases but also delve into films from the ’90s and early 20s, capturing the essence and core messages that these movies portrayed so beautifully at that time.”

He adds, “In India, there’s an immense craze for movies, and people passionately connect with them. People draw inspiration from movie stars, attempt to emulate them, reenact scenes, or find solace in strong characters that resonate with their own life journeys. This deep connection and relatability to movies have a powerful impact, inspiring people in various ways. Recognising this, we decided to impart lessons beyond what movies convey, introducing unique and spiritually enriching insights. As a spiritual leader and a movie enthusiast myself, I see it as a wonderful opportunity to learn and share something meaningful with others, aligning my distinct vision with the messages portrayed in films.”

Talking about how he will choose these films, he says, “In today’s world, everyone has become a movie critic. I feel that even if a movie is not that good, you can learn a lot from the story line. We must view films from that angle too. If you look at films such as Munna Bhai MBBS, 12TH Fail and Zindagi Na Milegi Doobara, there is so much to learn from these films and also we can learn alot from the movies which were not very well performed in Box Office. I feel that when someone is watching a film, besides being entertained, they can also look at what they can imbibe from the film. As for videos, we are also looking at covering the films made in the 90s. The topics that these films were made were very entertaining as well as endearing. We are so crazy about Bollywood films, that I am sure people will learn a lot from these videos. We will be focussing on the spiritual angle of these films, and talking about what they want to convey.”

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