BEADS and Utsha Foundation for Contemporary Art Join Forces

To provide impetus to the conversation around climate change and sustainability, Bhubaneswar Experimental Art and Design Studio (BEADS), under its spotlight initiative, ADC - Art. Design & Conversations, joined forces with Utsha Dialogues to present ‘Climate Change & Art - A Green Perspective,’ a thought-provoking discussion that took place on March 29, 2024, at the Utsha Foundation for Contemporary Art. Championing the larger agenda of how art bolsters climate action, this event unpacked the powerful intersection of these two realms.

The event was centered around a key panel discussion between three strong sustainability advocates, including Ravi Agarwal, a renowned artist, photographer, and environmental campaigner; Aditya Panda, an eminent wildlife conservationist; and Jagannath Panda, a global artist and sculptor. Sandeep Hota, Co-Founder and Managing Director of BEADS, seamlessly moderated this thought-provoking exchange. Having contributed to this cause in their own unique way, each of the esteemed panelists analyzed the significant impact of art on increasing consciousness and motivating efforts regarding climate change. They also identified and highlighted the various ways artists can contribute to the environmental movement, from visual representations to community engagement projects.

During the talk Ravi Agarwal said, “Art is not merely a mirror reflecting the world around us; it’s a potent tool to shape it. Through this initiative, we are trying to illuminate the powerful intersection of art and activism, fostering a dialogue that can spark consciousness and inspire action in the face of our environmental challenges.”

“As an artist, I’ve always believed in the power of art to evoke emotions, spark dialogue, and inspire action. The discussion at ‘Climate Change & Art - A Green Perspective’ was a powerful example of this potential. By bringing together artists, environmental advocates, and the community, we can foster a creative conversation that tackles the climate crisis from a fresh perspective,” said Jagannath Panda, Artist and Mentor, BEADS.


Aditya Panda, Panelist and Wildlife Conservationist, further elaborated, “Climate change is a complex issue, and fostering a collective understanding necessitates creative exploration from various disciplines. Through this talk, we are encouraging all artists to use the power of creativity to illuminate current environmental challenges and inspire a dialogue around the same. If done correctly and with the right intention, this can create a powerful movement that transcends borders and ignites a collective passion for a sustainable future.” 

The occasion also celebrated the unveiling of BEADS’ parijata design collection—a homage to the enduring connection between individuals, nature, destiny, and Odisha’s rich cultural legacy. Explore floral home décor plates, functional utility jars, and an exclusive jewelry line, all meticulously crafted by local artists. Handmade ceramic pieces from Odisha adorn this exquisite collection.

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