Cast of Shiv Shakti from Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shares Holi Plans!

The actors of the beloved Zee TV show Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shiv Shakti, produced by Prateek Sharma (Studio LSD), offer a glimpse into their Holi preparations and extend warm wishes to their dedicated fanbase. The show’s cast unveils their plans for this year’s Holi celebrations and contemplates the festival’s profound significance.

Reva Kaurase 
Holi is indeed a joyous occasion, and I’m looking forward to celebrating it with enthusiasm. My celebration plans usually involve spending quality time with family and friends, indulging in the colorful festivities. When it comes to food on Holi, I absolutely enjoy traditional treats like gujiya, thandai, and savory snacks like chaat and samosas. The burst of flavors and aromas during Holi celebrations adds an extra layer of joy to the festivities. One of my fondest Holi memories from childhood is waking up early in the morning to the sound of laughter and excitement. I remember eagerly preparing colorful water balloons and vibrant gulal with my siblings and neighbors. The day would be filled with laughter, playful mischief, and of course, lots of delicious food shared among loved ones. Those cherished memories of togetherness and joy continue to bring a smile to my face every Holi.

Vrushab Khadtale 
I love everything about Indian Culture and so the festival of colours, Holi ! Like every year it’s going to be with Family & friends. My Mother makes Awesome Puran Poli and Thandai on holi, me and my family wait for this time of the year. Holi has always been special as all my friends come over, we meet, forget the rest of the world and  have a ball of a time with lovely food, Music & Colours.

Jhumma Mitra 
Holi is such a beautiful and colourful celebration and I always look forward to spending it with my friends. As actors our Holi celebration starts way before the real day as mostly we shoot for Holi episodes and are  soaked in gulal days before Holi, so that the episodes can be telecasted on or near around the day of the festival. Holi is almost incomplete without Gujiya, Jalebi, and Thandai. As a child we used to go out in a huge group, singing and dancing on the streets, visit all our friends’ homes and eat at every friend’s house and end the day by washing off the colour under a garden hose and drenching each other in water before heading to our respective homes.

Parineeta Borthakur 
Holi is very special to me because it is about Shri Krishna and Radha. I offer gulal and jalebi to my deities at my home temple. I don’t like partying so usually I prefer staying at home only. But if   my shoot schedule is not hectic, and my son forces me, then I go down in the building for sometime where they arrange for rain dance , food etc. My school time Holi celebrations in Duliajan were the best. I fondly remember those days. We used to walk around the full town in a group with our classmates. Our class boys were very protective of us and used to make us walk in the middle so that no other school boys or other groups could  touch us. I miss my school days during festivals.

Nimisha Vakharia 
I love all the festivals, and Holi is one of my favorite festivals. Since I’m a Krishna devotee, we play Holi, and in Gujarati culture, we make Saatha, which you all call gujia. I also love Thandai. Holi is a festival of colors, forgets ones mistake and play together. I remember when we were kids, we used to start early in the morning. Since my grandfather had a color factory, people used to call him Rangwala, and we would distribute free colors. It was a lot of fun. Everyone would take colors from us because they were specially made. Early in the morning, we offer gulal and prasad to my deities at my home temple and then go out to play Holi. At my place, people love playing Holi. Even my daughter, who is in London at university, celebrates Holi there. This festival is adored by foreign countries as well. Now, due to telecast issues, many times we don’t get a holiday on Holi, but we still make it a point to drink Thandai and eat Saatha, which you call gujia in the north.

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