Celebrate Mother's Day with Art n' Soul and a hearty Brunch at CUR8

Mother’s Day is approaching, and what better way to celebrate than with a feast for the senses at CUR8, nestled within the luxurious enclave of Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru. In collaboration with Tania Martin from MG Sweden, the global Art n’ Soul concept comes to Bengaluru for the very first time as CUR8 presents a fusion of art and music that promises to captivate the soul on Sunday, May 12.

This Art n’ Soul event at Four Seasons redefines the traditional brunch experience by intertwining live music with the strokes of a painter’s brush.

Imagine savouring delectable delights from CUR8’s Mother’s Day special brunch menu, each bite a culinary masterpiece in its own right. Meanwhile, the sounds of live music fill the air, courtesy of talented female singers who grace the stage with their soul-stirring melodies. From the heartfelt tunes of Akshita Mengi, whose authenticity shines through every note, to the eclectic blend of genres offered by Gowri Bhat, trained in Carnatic Classical music and influenced by folk, indie, R&B, and pop – each performance is a testament to the power of music to touch the heart and uplift the spirit.

As the singers take center stage, the artistic prowess of Aanchal Gupta, founder of The Art Pitcher, works magic on a canvas, translating the emotions evoked by each song into visual poetry.

Brunch priced:
INR 3200 plus 18% tax without alcohol
INR 5000 plus 18% tax with alcohol
For reservations, contact +91 76191 46004

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