Celebrate Mothers’ Month all May long at The Orchid Hotel Mumbai

The Orchid Hotel Mumbai is hosting a special Mothers’ Month to pay a heartfelt tribute to mothers this May at Boulevard, the 24-hour coffee shop.

Amidst the elegant ambience of The Orchid Hotel Mumbai, a spectacle unfolds this Mother’s Day, transcending ordinary moments into something truly worth cherishing. Within the bustling Boulevard kitchens, a harmonious coming together of cultures will take center stage as three remarkable mothers of Orchid employees, each bearing the culinary heritage of Punjab, Rajasthan, and Lucknow, unite in a symphony of taste and tradition. Guided by the skilled hands of expert chefs, these super moms will craft a sumptuous feast that pays homage to the culinary legacies of their respective cultures. As guests indulge in this extraordinary culinary journey, they would not merely dine; but partaking in a celebration of love, culture, and the timeless bond between a mother and her cherished traditions.

Every Sunday starting May 12, Boulevard invites you to join this unique journey of flavors, where each bite is infused with the warmth of a mother’s touch and the expertise of talented chefs. Come, be a part of this unforgettable celebration and savor the essence of motherhood in every dish.

During these exclusive brunches, guests will have the privilege of interacting with the mom chefs, gaining insights into the secrets of their traditional recipes and experiencing the warmth of their hospitality.

But this is not just it! Throughout this month on weekdays, guests can enjoy an exclusive special lunch buffet at Boulevard as part of the Mother’s Day celebrations. So, mark your calendars, and bring your mothers to this special tribute while enjoying the wholesome culinary journey at The Orchid Hotel Mumbai all this month of May.

When: Every Sunday starting May 12, 19, and 26, 2024

● Hanisha Jatwani: Mother of Deepika Jatwani from the Front Office, will grace the Punjabi Cuisine Brunch on May 12

● Vandana Oza: Mother of Khushboo Oza, Sales Coordinator, will enchant guests at the Rajasthani Cuisine Brunch on May 19

● Aafasari Mansoori: The mother of Chef Shakir, our esteemed Chef, will add her magic to the Lucknowi Brunch on May 26

Where: The Orchid Hotel Mumbai, Vile Parle, Mumbai

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