Celebrating Festivals with Flavor: Indian Festive Foods and Wine Traditions

In the colorful mosaic of Singapore’s culinary scene, two names shine brightly: Al Capone and Rocking Rickshaw. Revered for their culinary expertise, they have emerged as bastions of Indian culture, offering a comforting taste of home to expatriates and locals alike.

Leading this culinary empire is Anil Goswami, the visionary CEO & Founder, whose mission since 2015 has been to craft an exemplary culinary narrative in Singapore. His establishments, Al Capone’s Ristorante and Bar and Rocking Rickshaw, not only tantalize palates with innovative cuisine at reasonable prices but also serve as cultural hubs, showcasing Indian music performances and even producing Bollywood films.

Anil Goswami’s dedication transcends mere promotion of Indian culture; it revolves around fostering a sense of belonging. Recognizing the significance of nurturing talent, particularly during challenging times like the COVID-19 pandemic, he has ensured unwavering support from his employees since the outset.

Beyond offering great drinks and delectable food, Al Capone’s ethos embodies community, mentorship, and empowerment. With 14 strategically positioned establishments across Singapore, it has become synonymous with excellence and core values. Anil Goswami underscores, “I am deeply committed to cultivating spaces where both Singaporeans and Indians abroad can find a sense of belonging.”

While Al Capone’s may command attention, Rocking Rickshaw holds its own as a cultural landmark, providing guests with a Bollywood-inspired ambiance and mouthwatering cuisine. Anil’s journey with both ventures exemplifies the transformative power of passion and resolve, elevating India’s culinary prowess on the global stage.

Anil Goswami’s impact transcends cuisine; he provides a platform for emerging artists and musicians from India to shine. Through this cultural exchange, he strengthens the bond between India and Singapore, one performance and dish at a time.

In essence, Al Capone and Rocking Rickshaw are more than just eateries; they serve as gateways to India’s vibrant culture and rich heritage. Through the medium of food, music, and hospitality, Anil Goswami celebrates festivals with a burst of flavors, enriching Singapore’s culinary landscape and nurturing cultural harmony.

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