Celebrating the Best of San:Qi at Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai

As San:Qi, the beloved award-winning pan-Asian restaurant prepares to embark on a transformative journey, Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai announces a poignant gesture to honour the cherished memories and culinary legacy cultivated over the past 16 years. From the hushed whispers of romantic evenings to the hearty laughter of family gatherings, San:Qi has borne witness to countless moments of joy, connection, and celebration since its inception in 2008, serving almost 1 million guests!

The ‘Best of San:Qi’ promotion until April 30 features a selection of signature dishes that have captivated palates and delighted diners throughout the years. From innovative culinary creations to timeless classics - including dishes like Nukti Kebab, Thai Pineapple Fried Rice, Chicken Katsu, Stir-fried Chau Fan Noodles and more, each dish has been meticulously crafted to reflect the passion, creativity, and dedication that have defined San:Qi’s culinary excellence. It encapsulates the essence of San:Qi’s gastronomic identity, offering patrons an opportunity to indulge in a curated menu that celebrates the highlights of their culinary repertoire and the remarkable journey they have shared together.

“At Four Seasons, delighting our guests has always been at the heart of our efforts. We are immensely grateful for the loyal patronage we have received from all those who have loved San:Qi over the past 16 years,” says Nitesh Gandhi, General Manager. “This is our way of expressing gratitude and a fond trip down memory lane as we embark on this exciting new chapter.”

Guests are encouraged to share their myriad experiences tagging @FSMumbai and @SanQiMumbai on Instagram to be featured on the brand’s social coverage of the moments gone by. Eagerly anticipating the opportunity to welcome all guests back, San:Qi will return revitalized and ready to continue its culinary odyssey, and script new chapters in Mumbai’s culinary narrative.

When: Until April 30
Where: San:Qi, Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai
When: Lunch and Dinner
Cost for Two: INR 5,000
Reserve: +91 7710033143 or +91 22 2481 8000

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