Celebrities react to gunshots being fired outside Salman Khan’s house; It’s very disturbing, they say

Deepali Pansare: Being famous has its pros and cons. Usually big stars like Salman get targeted. It’s completely unacceptable because at the end of the day they are also humans and they also have the right to privacy and safety. I don’t feel unsafe as a celebrity but as a woman, I do sometimes feel that more security is required. Especially, whenever we are out for events, people do gather around us to get selfies ,most of the times it’s fine, but at times things get unmanageable.

Gulfam Khan Hussain: When you earn fame you get some hate… It’s part of the package. If you get a 100 followers you end up getting some trolls. It’s been since time known, people who have been adored and put on a pedestal have ended up being hated by some, be it religious leaders, political leaders or artists everyone who is loved is exposed to hatred.

Saanand Verma: Over the past 15-20 years, a lot has changed. The rise of social media has significantly influenced people’s behavior, attitudes, and thinking. In the past, there was more respect for elders and gurus, but nowadays, Google is often seen as everyone’s guru. People now tend to think highly of themselves, leading to increased frustration due to a large population and the belief that everyone is knowledgeable and successful. Jealousy has become prevalent, especially with the rise of social media, where everyone wants to be seen as an actor, artist, or influencer. In the past, the underworld posed a threat, targeting celebrities and extorting money from them. Today, despite changes, there are still challenges at every level, with people competing, feeling jealous, and becoming impatient. Digitalization has made it easier for individuals to create their own narratives, even glamorizing criminal activities. However, it’s essential for the media to be responsible and not glorify wrongdoers for the sake of ratings. Instead, they should focus on highlighting genuine heroes and not sensationalize crime. Every individual should focus on their talents, work hard, avoid harming others, and maintain a positive attitude. The game of safety versus danger has always existed and will continue, but it’s crucial for everyone to prioritize kindness and respect.

Simple Kaul: Of course, safely can be very dangerous. I don’t know why the firing happened. It’s such an unfortunate event. Something like this has made us think why this happened. What is his fault? That he is a celebrity? He doesn’t even have a strong religious viewpoint that would hurt anybody, so I don’t know why this has happened, and it’s unfortunate that it should have happened. I feel safe because I am not on that level, but imagine if I were not feeling safe or if I was born in the era when these things were common. It’s a scary feeling to be in because what is more important than life, so I was actually thinking about him and what he and his family members are going through because it’s scary to be in a space like that and in a spot like that.

Ansh Bagri: It’s indeed very concerning and sad what happened to Salman Khan. He’s loved by so many, and it’s scary to think that even with tight security outside his home, such a thing could happen. The fact that someone would shoot outside the home of such a well-known figure is terrifying. It raises worries about the dangers of being famous – you work hard for years to achieve success, only for someone to threaten your safety for money or fame. It’s not just Salman Khan; many successful people likely face similar threats. The recent incidents involving Salman Khan and Sidhu Moosewala highlight the need for stricter action against such crimes. It’s a sad reflection of our system’s shortcomings that something like this could happen. It’s natural to feel scared and speechless in the face of such events. We can only hope that authorities take strong action to ensure the safety of not just celebrities but all citizens.

Shubhangi Atre: I was really shocked and surprised when I heard about the incident at a big star’s house here in Mumbai. I was speechless because we always considered Mumbai to be the safest city to live in. But knowing that everything is safe now, I feel relieved. It’s still such an unfortunate incident, and I hope it never happens again in the future. I believe the government will take necessary steps to prevent such incidents, but I sincerely hope and wish that nothing like this ever happens to anyone again.

Ishaan Singh Manhas: Being famous isn’t a crime, but it does come with challenges like safety concerns. Mumbai is a big city with its own set of risks. I feel safe most of the time, but incidents like these are reminders to be cautious. Everyone deserves to feel safe, whether they’re famous or not. It’s unfortunate when personal safety is compromised because of one’s public profile.

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