Chandu Champion actor Nitin Bhajan: At a critical point in my life, I prioritized acting

Nitin Bhajan, who is seen as Kartik Aryan’s on-screen father, Rajaram Petkar, in Chandu Champion, says he finds happiness in his job, working in front of the camera and prioritized it at a crucial juncture in his life. However, if he weren’t an actor, he would have been a graphic designer or into advertising.   

“If I weren’t an actor, I would have pursued graphic design and advertising, which I had a good base in. At a critical point in my life, I prioritized acting because it was my passion. I believe this is the only profession where I truly find happiness,” he said.   

“When asked at National School of Drama (NSD) why I wanted to be an actor, I explained that as a designer and advertiser, I was behind the screen, but now I want to be on screen. I wanted to showcase my persona and share myself with people, so I became an actor to gain identity,” he added.   His source of learning in acting was NSD. “Once you come to Mumbai, you have to accept the lifestyle here, and once you know how to navigate the city, you can learn acting. The books I read, the films I watch, the events that unfold, and how I respond to them, observing characters around me, understanding relationships as a father, husband, and son, and the responsibilities I take on - all these experiences teach me a lot. They greatly help me in acting,” he said.   

“Life observation and a positive attitude towards life teach you acting. Reading good books, watching films, meeting inspiring people, and practicing and honing your craft are the sources of learning acting,” he added.   

Nitin has been a part of the Marathi industry as well. He was seen in Marathi film Sumi on Planet Marathi, web series Hutatma on Zee5 as well as Marathi TV show: Tumchi Mulgi Kaay Karte. He will soon be seen in web series Blinded, which is directed by Ken Ghosh.   

What kind of roles are you currently looking for? “I want roles that challenge my capacity as an actor. I prefer stories and films where I love the script, regardless of the character’s shades. The film’s story attracts me, and I focus on the script rather than the characters,” he said.   

“Characters like Manoj Bajpayee in Joram, or the characters that Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Irfan Khan portrayed are inspiring. Their characters are complex and hard to categorize. When someone gives me a good brief, it draws me in. For example, when I heard the story of Chandu Champion, it really attracted me to take on the role. I enjoy playing subtle characters that represent different aspects of human life.”

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