Charrul Malik: Happiness should be celebrated every day

The International Day of Happiness, which is observed on March 20, is celebrated to promote the importance of happiness, well-being, and mental health. Sharing her views on the same, Charrul Malik, who is currently seen in Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai, said, “I believe happiness should be celebrated every day because it’s the key to health, wealth, success, and everything else we want in life.” 

“Happiness is like the essential ingredient in a recipe, without it, life feels incomplete. I find joy in small things that many people might not even notice. Making someone else happy brings me immense joy, even more than material possessions. While material things matter, the happiness you bring to someone’s face is priceless. I seek happiness in little moments and feel content when I can make others smile,” she added.

She doesn’t need any special occasion to be happy, she finds joy in every day, every moment, and celebrates it like there’s no tomorrow. “Spending time with my pet dog brings me immense happiness. I take her for a walk every night after 10 p.m., and seeing her happy fills my heart with joy. I’m deeply touched by small gestures, and I always strive to give back to those I love and care for. One of my happiest moments was when I planned my career path according to my heart’s desires,” she said.

“I remember receiving my first paycheck of Rs. 350 when I was 15. Instead of keeping it, I bought a saree for my mom, and seeing her tear up with pride made me incredibly happy. From then on, whenever I visited Chandigarh from Delhi, where I worked with news channels, I would bring gifts for my mom. Despite her protests, she would wear them with joy at big events. Seeing her happiness brought me immense joy. Even when she wasn’t home, my twin sister and I would cook and keep food ready for her return, surprising her with our efforts. She was always impressed by our dedication, and her smile was priceless. That, to me, is true happiness,” she added.

She loves her work and accepts that it brings her joy and happiness. She said, “When I go for shoots, I feel a unique energy that I don’t feel otherwise. When there’s no shoot, I tend to feel a bit lazy, but just the thought of being on set with my co-stars boosts my happiness. I’ve always done my work with joy, even if it meant waking up at 3 a.m. for a 5 a.m. live show during my anchoring days.”

 “I strongly dislike tantrums, and I believe that if we have to do something, we might as well do it happily. Choosing to be happy while working has always been my approach, and I think happiness is the key to my career and growth. Being in a happy state of mind makes everything better, and it’s the path to success and progress,” she added.

Charrul also believes that happiness is connected to an individual’s work-life balance, and feels that those who manage to strike it often excel and remain highly satisfied because success doesn’t follow a specific ratio or graph. She added, “Success is more of a journey where there’s no saturation point; you keep growing continuously. What matters most is what you think and whether you’re happy, because when you’re happy, everything tends to fall into place. This is something I’ve personally experienced. Achieving balance in both your personal and professional lives is up to you. It’s about how you deal with it and how you maintain that balance.”

A message to your fans and followers? “Please be happy. Happiness is a state of mind that doesn’t require anything from anyone else. We don’t have to seek permission or depend on others to be happy. Happiness is something we can cultivate on our own, and I believe it’s the key to everything in life. It’s like a master key that unlocks all doors for you. When you’re happy, everything around you seems happier too. So, please prioritize your happiness, spread joy to others, and simply enjoy your life.”

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