Charrul Malik: I believe Lord Shiva has worked miracles in my life

Charrul Malik, who is a former news anchor and is currently seen in the TV show Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hain!, is a big Shiv bhakt, and confessed that he has always been there with her in her time of need, to guide her and protect her. Speaking on the occasion of Maha Shivratri, which will be observed on March 8, she said, “Lord Shiva has always blessed me, guiding my boat to safety whenever I faced difficult times.”

Sharing her personal experience of her faith in Lord Shiva, she said, “I vividly remember that while I was preparing for law, during my commute to the university it used to be difficult to manage, but whenever I had my exams, I would always chant his name. And while going for the exam, I would come across a large Shiva idol, seeing him brought me immense peace, and I would silently pray, ‘Hey Shiva, help me perform well in my exams today.’ To my surprise, every time the questions I had revised would come in the paper, those I hadn’t wouldn’t.”

“I believe Lord Shiva has worked miracles in my life. Even when my career in national news began, I maintained my devotion to Lord Shiva. Though I don’t engage in lengthy rituals, I always chant Shiva’s name in my mind before undertaking any task, and I thank him for all my accomplishments,” she added.

Charrul further revealed that she feels a “heightened connection with Shiva” on Maha Shivratri, and added, “I observe a fast, offering milk to Shiva at home.“

Worshipping Shiva has always taught her valuable life lessons like being patient, having a positive attitude towards life, and so tapasya. She added, “I always say tapasya because when you are in a routine, and doing a job, without thinking about yourself, you dedicate your body, mind, wealth, and soul, to it and I have felt that power from within, the inner power of Lord Shiva.”

She has been a Shiva follower since childhood, and she believes he is always present around her. “The divine force is always around us, and in my personal growth, Every day is dedicated to Shiv bhakti for me. I don’t do long prayers, but Lord Shiva is always on my mind. Whenever I do any good work, I write a small Om sign and thank Lord Shiva in my mind. For me, he is everything.”

Charrul believes that Maha Shivratri is an opportunity for spiritual growth, and it infuses new energy into her. Prayers give her energy, and positivity, and she believes that if you are happy within yourself, you can surpass any obstacle.

She also spoke about visiting the Isha Foundation, Coimbatore, along with her Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hain! co-star Shubhangi Atre, and said it was a wonderful experience. “Though I may not do extensive puja, Shiva is always in my heart. I express gratitude with a small ‘Om’ symbol, thanking Shiva for being everything to me. No doubt, devotion and celebration together make us feel energized. It teaches us to avoid judging others, accept everyone, maintain a positive attitude, and practice patience,” Charrul ended.

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