Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi: I was amongst the first few to start creating recipe videos on YouTube

Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi needs no introduction. He has been known for his excellent culinary skills as well as his seamless transition into a successful restaurateur. A very unique but important part of his career is his YouTube channel which started 15 years ago. A visibly happy chef says,“I started my YouTube channel around 2009. During the time when I was totally engrossed in my show Turban Tadka. It became a regular practice for me to face the camera and present recipes on YouTube. The purpose was to showcase recipes, and eventually, we became number 1 on television. That’s how it all began. I was amongst the first few to start creating recipe videos. We understood hashtags and other aspects that people perhaps didn’t grasp back then. In 2013 and 2014, YouTube recognized us as one of the top 5 YouTubers in the country, and we were honored at a five star hotel in Delhi.”

Talking about the challenges Harpal faced initially he says, “We didn’t have our own setup, camera, or editing team. That is one of the drawbacks that I regret now. It happened because I didn’t focus. We used to hire studios and share our videos with people for whom we were creating content, but these practices were not healthy as they are now. Looking back at the YouTube algorithm, it didn’t work very well for us then, and these challenges hindered extensive growth. However, now we have our own studio and our own editing team, which is why things have continued to progress for us.”

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