Chhaya Kadam Turns Producer with Hindi Film Bardovi

Chhaya Kadam, renowned for her powerful performances and brilliant acting in both Hindi and Marathi films, is set to make her debut as a producer with her upcoming film Bardovi. Co-produced by Chhaya Kadam, she also stars in the lead role. The film is slated for release across India on August 2. Fresh off the accolades for her recent film, which was adjudged one of the best at the Cannes Film Festival, Chhaya Kadam’s career has taken an exciting new turn as she ventures into production while continuing her stellar work as an actress.

The poster for Bardovi was unveiled on social media. Presented by Satori Entertainment, the film is produced by Krushnarpan Motion Pictures and Shubharambh Motion Pictures. Producers include Ammit Jadhav, Arjun Jadhav, Pranit Manik, Shivaji Waykar, Sandeep Baburao Kale, and Elvin Raja, with Chhaya Kadam as the co-producer. Associate producers are Santosh Baliram Tambe, Raviraj Shivaji Waykar, Abhijit Suman Vasant Patil, and Nitin Panchal.

Written and directed by Karan Shivajirao Chavan, Bardovi features cinematography by Vikram Patil and executive production by Vikas Deege. In addition to Chhaya Kadam, the film boasts performances by actors Chittaranjan Giri and Virat Madke.

The film’s poster, which depicts a woman with a shawl wrapped around, showcases Chhaya Kadam in this intriguing role. Given Chhaya’s impressive career, the poster suggests that Bardovi will feature her trademark depth and intensity. The visually striking poster has certainly piqued interest, and audiences eagerly await the film’s release on August 2.

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