Culinary connections on the sets of Punha Kartavya Aahe

The shooting schedules of serials often keep artistes on set for longer hours than they spend at home. These artistes come together to shoot, laugh, play, and care for each other like a family. In the midst of portraying Vasundhara in Punha Kartavya Aahe, Akshaya Hindalkar has found her people on the set. Due to the distance of the shooting location from home, Akshaya cannot always bring her own packed lunch from home. At times like these, Akshaya shared her thoughts about her ‘Annadata’ on set, saying, “Living in Navi Mumbai, bringing lunch from home is often difficult. But if I don’t have my lunchbox, then my co-stars, my on-screen mother Shama Ninavekar, and Akshay (Mhatre), always carry extra food for me. They are my ‘annadata’. They always make sure there is enough food for me. I feel blessed to have them around.”

Punha Kartavya Aahe airs every day at 9.30pm, exclusively on Zee Marathi.

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