CYK Hospitalities Strengthens Its Leasing Portfolio for QSR Brands

CYK Hospitalities, an end-to end F&B consultancy firm, announces significant advances in strengthening its leasing portfolio for Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) brands in the past three months. With the burgeoning urbanization in India, the QSR sector has experienced a remarkable surge in the recent years, witnessing the emergence of numerous homegrown QSR brands alongside the influx of international players expanding nationwide. CYK Hospitalities identified these prospects early in the market and today has reached at a level where it has helped the QSR brands to grow and expand by being at the right place and among the right audience.

Opining his views on the growth of the industry, Simranjeet Singh, Director, CYK Hospitalities, said “With India’s rapid urbanization, the QSR industry has witnessed phenomenal growth over the past few years. This growth has been fueled by the rise of homegrown brands and the entry of international chains. However, for these brands to thrive, it’s crucial to secure the right location with the appropriate target audience. This is where our expertise in leasing comes into play.”

Specializing in location mapping, legal documentation, and lease finalization, CYK Hospitalities has played an instrumental role in enabling QSR chains to establish their presence across various locations, including Delhi, Bengaluru, Gurugram, and Agra. Leveraging its expertise, the firm has assisted more than 30 brands in three months in opening outlets in diverse formats, such as metro stations, highways, malls, and more.

CYK Hospitalities recently worked with reputed names in the F&B industry such as The Waffle Company, Burger King, Rage Coffee, Samosa Singh, Mad Over Donuts, Ab Coffee, Bistro 57, K se Kulcha, G.O.A.T (Gelato Brand), Dohful Cookies and Schmitten Chocolates. 
Diversifying its portfolio, CYK extended its reach into beauty brands, notably embracing Lovechild by Masaba as one of its standout successes.

Pulkit Arora, Director, CYK Hospitalities, adds, “The QSR industry has come a long way in India and its remarkable 17% growth in India reflects the major shift in food trends and urban expansion. Across borders, strategic leasing remains the cornerstone for QSR success, offering prime locations that fuel profitability and customer engagement. At CYK Hospitalities, we are committed to empowering our clients with tailored leasing solutions that unlock prime locations and drive profitability. Our relentless pursuit of excellence ensures that we remain at the forefront of shaping the future of the F&B industry.”

Highlighting her experience of working with CYK Hospitalities, Nidhi Singh, Co-founder, Samosa Singh said, “CYK Hospitalities’ expert service in leasing has been instrumental in identifying ideal locations for our brand in Bengaluru. Their valuable insights and thorough research is commendable. We anticipate a long and fruitful association with them!"

Apart from leasing, CYK Hospitalities offers a full range of services, including concept development, market research, competitor analysis, menu design, chef hiring, standard operating procedures, recipes, food costing, ambience and setup, logo, packaging, and branding design.

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