Daanish Khan Reflects on Sacrifice and Selflessness for Bakri Eid 

Daanish Khan, a renowned Dubai-based event planner, shares his excitement and the cherished traditions he brings to life during this special occasion. Daanish is all set to host a close friends like family Biryani party, a highlight of his Eid celebrations. 

For Daanish, Bakri Eid is not just a time for celebration but also for introspection and growth. “It’s about compromising on things I used to do and now have given up for a greater cause,” he shares. “This doesn’t mean giving up on your aspirations but aligning them with a greater purpose.” 

For Daanish, Eid has always been synonymous with the delectable flavors of Biryani and Sheer Khurma. “Biryani has always been a staple, Sheer Khurma, and Seviya which my mom prepares, adds a special touch to the celebrations,” he shares. 

This year, the couple will be hosting a gathering featuring not just Biryani and Sheer Khurma, but also an array of kababs, ensuring a feast that blends traditional tastes with contemporary flair. Reflecting on his childhood, Khan fondly recalls the Eid celebrations of childhood. “The best Eid is always the childhood ones because we used to wait for Eidi and were excited to buy things from the Eidi. Childhood celebrations were special with all our cousins and friends gathering for a big Eid feast. We would go for prayers, visit friends’ places, and savor Sheer Khurma. Eid has always been about cherishing these memories.``  

Now celebrating his first Eid in Dubai after marrying Umarah Naushad Ali, the granddaughter of the legendary music composer Naushad Ali, Daanish is eager to create new memories while honoring old traditions. “In Dubai, Eid doesn’t feel like a one-day festival; it extends over four days. The city transforms with lights and fireworks in various areas, making it incredibly special for everyone here. Every space in Dubai feels festive and lively.” 

Daanish also reflects on the deeper significance of Bakri Eid, known as the festival of sacrifice. “The significance is that you need to learn to sacrifice and have the selflessness to give to society,” he explains. “It’s a test of your ability to give away something cherished for the betterment of others. This principle can be incorporated into our daily lives by rechanneling our energy and thinking towards the greater good.” 

This year, Daanish will celebrate Eid with his friends and family, blending the warmth of close-knit gatherings with the grandeur that Dubai’s festive spirit offers. “It’s our first Eid in Dubai as a married couple, and having our friends and our loved ones around makes it even more special,” he says.

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