DeadAnt celebrates Pride Month with campaign ‘My First Time’ featuring LGBTQIA+ comedians

DeadAnt, a media and entertainment company that’s at the leading edge of Indian comedy, today unveiled a bold and deeply personal campaign to celebrate Pride Month. Titled ‘My First Time’, the campaign features a touching video bringing together renowned LGBTQIA+ comedians who share their personal and inspiring stories, giving insights into their journeys of self-discovery. Through this initiative, DeadAnt aims to resonate with viewers and motivate them to embrace their identities proudly and without hesitation.

The video produced by DeadAnt features renowned comedians including Aayushi Jagad, Mahima Gad, Nikhil, Shubhangi Singh, Ankur Tangade, Rakshit Deol, Subaranjan Sundaram and Ritushree Panigrahi. From recalling their first encounters with queer culture to reminiscing about their first queer crushes and icons, they open up about the many ‘firsts’ in their lives related to queer sexuality. Each comedian reflects on key milestones such as their first coming out experience and participation in Pride gatherings.

Reflecting on this innovative campaign, Ravina Rawal, Founder & CEO, DeadAnt, shared, “At DeadAnt, we believe in the transformative power of storytelling. The campaign ‘My First Time’ allows us to honour the courage and resilience of queer comedians as they bravely share their personal journeys with authenticity and humour. We strive to break down barriers and challenge stereotypes, moving beyond token gestures to support genuine inclusivity and equality.”

The ‘My First Time’ campaign reiterates DeadAnt’s ongoing commitment to using its platform for positive social impact. It aims to create a deeper connection with the audience, fostering a community where diverse voices are celebrated and heard.


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