Devashish: It’s a Great Achievement to Reach

Actor Devashish, who plays the role of Aakash in Rahul Tewary and Rolling Tales Production’s Udne Ki Aasha, is thrilled that the show has crossed 100 episodes. He adds that he has so many memories of shooting the 100 episodes that he will always treasure.

“I don’t know how 100 episodes are already over. We remember starting this beautiful journey, and it’s been 100 days! It doesn’t even feel like it because we’ve been shooting every day. There are gaps, vacations, and continuous shoots for wedding sequences and many other sequences where everyone is required. I think time is just passing by, and you don’t realize you’ve completed 100 episodes. It’s a great achievement to reach, especially with such huge success as being in the top five for many weeks and doing well. We’re glad that everyone is loving the characters, all of them. So, yeah, it feels great,” he says, adding, “If you say there are a hundred episodes, there are 5000 memories every day. We create so many memories that we don’t realize what we are doing, and they’re just always there with us.”

Talking about shooting the show, he says, “Behind the scenes, all three brothers are close. They love each other so much and are always together. They make fun of each other. The whole cast stays together. Sailee and Renuka are good friends behind the scenes. All of us eat together, sit together, talk a lot, and gossip about each other in front of each other. That’s the best part.”

He adds, “The chemistry is just so good. We don’t have to worry about anything because everyone is together. We usually rehearse with whoever is available on set, no matter who is shooting, we all sit together in any available room. We eat together, play Monopoly every day, and share our food, and that’s how we keep the chemistry going.”

The show has been in the top 5 on Star Plus for many weeks. Talking about this, he says, “The show being in the top five for many weeks is, again, a great, great feeling because it’s doing so well. The reach is good. The watch time is great. People are loving the show. I have an interesting story for you guys. I was in Bangkok, and in one of the malls, people were looking around and wondering who I was. Then two Indian families walked past me, came back, and tapped me on the shoulder. They said, ‘You’re Aakash, right?’ And I was like, ‘Wow, they’re recognizing me in Bangkok!’ People are watching the show, and they said it’s the best. They took pictures with me there. So, I think the show is doing very well, and I’m really happy about it.”

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