Didi Krishna Inaugurates 2nd Regional Conference of Meditation Leaders at Pune

Didi Krishna Kumari inaugurated the 2nd Regional Conference of Meditation Leaders, as the chief guest. The 2-day conference was hosted by the Buddha-CEO Quantum Foundation on July 6-, 2024 at Yashada Conference Centre, Pune.

The conference was dedicated to fostering positive economic and social change through inner transformation and the practice of meditation.

In her inspiring keynote address, Didi Krishna emphasized the necessity of meditation in today’s stress-ridden world. “This age in one word is an age of ‘stress’. Therefore, meditation is not an option, it is a necessity now,” she declared. She described meditation as a practical way to keep our vibrational energy at its peak and invited the audience to participate in a brief meditative exercise.

“Meditation in one word is ‘awareness’,” she asserted. She critiqued the modern tendency to multitask and stress about the past and future, emphasizing that our chaotic lives stem from a lack of focus on the present moment.

Didi elaborated on the concept of “heightened awareness,” which she believes is the key benefit of meditation. She provided three practical tips to develop this awareness: start the morning with positive thoughts, have awareness during the day and do a nightly self-reflection.

Chairman of Buddha-CEO Quantam Foundation, Padma Shri DR Kaarthikeyan, welcoming Didi, said that meditation is common to all faiths and is a tool for unity.  

Didi Krishna’s words resonated deeply with the attendees, highlighting the profound impact that meditation can have on both personal and societal levels.

The second Regional Conference of Meditation Leaders, inaugurated by Didi Krishna, underscored the transformative potential of meditation in achieving personal and societal excellence, inspiring attendees to integrate these practices into their daily lives and professional endeavours.

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