Dr Acharya Vinod Kumar Ojha: Root cause needs to be addressed

Leading astrologer Dr Acharya Vinod Kumar Ojha says that cruelty against animals reflects the thinking and mindset of society. He adds that the reasons behind such barbaric acts are illiteracy, mental issues and lack of empathy, and these need to be tackled first.

“The prevalence of crime and cruelty towards both humans and animals is undoubtedly distressing and reflects a concerning aspect of society. Such incidents, whether it’s cases of suicide, violence, or mistreatment of animals, evoke a range of emotions including sadness and anger,” he says.

He adds, “There are various factors contributing to such behaviour, including societal pressures, mental health issues, lack of empathy, and sometimes simply misguided actions fuelled by social media influence. Addressing these root causes requires a multifaceted approach involving education, mental health support, and stricter enforcement of laws protecting both humans and animals.”

Talking about linking astrology to these acts, he says, “As for astrology, each zodiac sign has its own characteristics and traits, but when it comes to the treatment of animals, compassion and empathy are key. While it’s not accurate to attribute specific behaviours solely to astrology, some signs known for their nurturing and compassionate nature, such as Pisces and Cancer, may be more inclined to treat animals with kindness and care.”

He adds, “Treating animals poorly not only reflects negatively on our own character but can also have karmic implications. In various spiritual beliefs, mistreatment of animals can impact one’s fate or karma. In astrology, the sign of Virgo is often associated with animals and their well-being, emphasizing the importance of nurturing and caring for them.”

This needs to stop, he says, adding, “Ultimately, it’s essential for society to collectively prioritize empathy, kindness, and respect for all living beings, regardless of their zodiac sign or astrological influences. This shift in mindset can lead to a more harmonious and compassionate world for both humans and animals alike.”

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