Dreamiyata's Badall Pe Paon Hai: Meet Baani, aspiring girl 

Sargun Mehta and Ravi Dubey’s ( Dreamiyata Entertainment’s)  Badall Pe Paon Hai which goes on air from today on Sony SAB, introduces Baani, a determined young woman from the lower middle class.

In the premiere episode, Baani surprises her family with a king-size bed, sparking curiosity about its origin. Meanwhile, her father Satish’s unresolved loan with moneylender Balwant adds financial strain. Baani dreams of winning the lottery to alleviate their burdens and provide for her sister Mannat’s medical needs.

As tension mounts with Balwant’s imminent visit, Baani reassures her family of their commitment to repayment. A dream of lottery victory briefly uplifts her spirits before reality intrudes—a charging bull disrupts her reverie.

Undeterred, Baani begins working as a domestic helper for Colonel Amrish Singh, where she becomes intrigued by his involvement in trading. A visit to Chandigarh exposes her to the world of stocks, kindling her interest in investment opportunities.

Despite warnings, Baani engages in a risky competition to secure much-needed funds. Faced with a critical decision between risking her life in a fire ring or kissing a stranger, Baani’s resolve is tested.

As Baani’s journey unfolds, viewers are invited to join her quest for financial independence and witness the challenges she encounters along the way.

Badall Pe Paon Hai airs on Sony SAB at  7.30 PM, starring Amandeep Sidhu and Aakash Ahuja in lead roles. Stay tuned to discover Baani’s next move.

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