Eco Hotels Expands Its Green-Friendly Portfolio with 'The Eco Satva ’ at Kota  Featuring 63 rooms

Eco Hotels and Resorts Limited, a pioneer in sustainable hospitality, proudly announces the addition of ‘The Eco Satva’ at Kota under its brand names – The Eco, EcoXpress, and EcoValue. The new addition will cater exclusively to guests and is situated in one of Kota’s prime locations. The property boasts 63 rooms, enhancing its grand allure in the area.

The introduction of The Eco Satva, Kota will further enrich the diversity of offerings within the hotel’s portfolio. Moreover, the brand is in advanced discussions to sign another 250 rooms by the end of May with plans to reach over 500 plus rooms by the end of June 2024, demonstrating its rapid expansion and commitment to sustainable hospitality solutions.

Vinod K Tripathi, Executive Chairman of Eco Hotels and Resorts Limited, expressed, “We are thrilled to introduce to you ‘The Eco Satva’ at Kota as part of our commitment to sustainable and green-friendly hospitality. As term ‘Satva’ conveys, this will be a purely vegetarian hotel and will be a net carbon zero hotel too. This property not only reflects our core values of environmental concern but also meets the increasing demand for a variety of options among our consumers. It is our pledge to provide eco-conscious lodgings, ensuring our support to minimize their environmental footprint.”

Vinod K Tripathi, a bureaucrat turned businessman, has extensive experience in finance, private equity, real estate infrastructure, and dispute resolution. He has held key leadership positions in both public and private sector companies. As the Executive Chairman of Eco Hotels, he has been instrumental in the launch of The Eco Satva, Kota demonstrating his visionary leadership in sustainable and socially conscious ventures. His efforts continue to cement his reputation as a trailblazer in responsible business practices.

Akash Bhatia, CEO of Eco Hotels and Resorts Limited, highlighted, “Eco Hotels is committed to promoting sustainable travel options across India. Our ESG initiatives are integral to our brand’s commitment to making a positive impact on the hospitality industry. We envision contributing towards India’s goal of achieving Net-Zero by 2070 and believe that every hotelier can take small steps towards this ultimate goal.”

Eco Hotels is dedicated to expanding its footprint in the hospitality sector with a focus on offering eco-friendly accommodations. The Eco Satva Kota marks a significant milestone in this journey, providing guests a harmonious blend of luxury and sustainability. Eco Hotels is in tie up with Climate Partners, UK Ltd which will not only measures carbon footprints but also carry out the carbon audit of all Eco hotels and helps the company in ensuring that whatever carbon is emitted is neutralised.

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