Eco Hotels Expands Sustainable Portfolio with 'The Eco' in Vadodara

Eco Hotels and Resorts Limited proudly announces the opening of ‘The Eco’ in Vadodara, featuring 57 rooms in one of the city’s prime locations. This launch comes on the heels of the successful introduction of ‘Eco Satva Kota,’ a 63-room property in Kota that demonstrates the brand’s focus on eco-friendly options and net-zero carbon emissions. Eco Satva Kota has already been recognized for its exclusive green offerings.

By offering environmental effective accommodations, Eco Hotels ensures that their carbon footprint is measured and neutralized. The brand’s dedication to sustainability is further evidenced by their rapid expansion, with plans to reach over 500 rooms by the end of this year. The company is actively identifying prime properties through out the country  for immediate capital deployment and expansion of its operating inventory. It plans to spread its wings to Middle East, South Asia and South East Asia later. 

Akash Bhatia, CEO of Eco Hotels and Resorts Limited, stated, “Eco Hotels is dedicated to promoting eco-conscious travel options across India, illustrated by our latest property, Addition of  ‘The Eco’ in Vadodara takes us closer to reach over 500 rooms by the end of June 2024 and a vision to operate 5,000 hotel rooms in India over the next five years and scale up to 15,000 hotel rooms within the next ten  years, our ESG initiatives are fundamental to our brand’s mission to make a positive impact on the hospitality industry.”

Vinod K Tripathi, Executive Chairman of Eco Hotels and Resorts Limited, added, “We are pleased to spread our Carbon Net Zero footprint with ‘The Eco’ at Vadodara as part of our ongoing commitment to sustainability. Eco Hotels and Resorts Ltd is working on other innovative ideas which may change the way people eat and live while staying in a hotel. We are always concerned with what kind of India we want to leave to our future generations and we are conscious of our roles and responsibilities we need to play  in this regard. We are equally conscious of the trust  our investors have reposed on us  and we plan to turn this company into a profitable and yet the fastest growing hotel chain of India”

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