Florian Hurel: Mastering Multitasking with a Supportive Team

Florian Hurel, the French maestro of hair and make-up, emphasizes the vital role of multitasking in his flourishing career, managing diverse ventures and styling opportunities. According to him, the key to effective multitasking lies in fostering a supportive team with unwavering belief.

“In a world where multitasking is essential, having a supportive team is crucial. Not everything can be accomplished alone, and credit goes to my close-knit team, including my wife Rii for design, Zarir for management, and others who collectively contribute to bringing ideas to life,” he affirms.

Florian reveals exciting commitments on the horizon, such as working on a major OTT platform movie, collaborating with renowned stylists, directors, and actors, and contributing to a series featuring A-list Bollywood actors. Notably, his recent collaboration involved working with Divya Khosla Kumar for Aamir Khan’s daughter’s wedding.

Expressing gratitude to those who have supported him, Florian acknowledges, “I am truly thankful to those who trust me; it fuels my motivation. My appreciation extends to my team, working for and with me, my customers, and my sole desire is to witness my team’s growth.”

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